Transfer in the Bahamas

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Transfer to the Bahamas is the best way to get from the airport to the hotel on the Islands, the rest of which can be called prestigious.

The Bahamas is a state on the archipelago with the same name, which is consist of 700 Islands in the Caribbean Sea. But only 30 Islands is inhabited and have become places for holidays of celebrities and people with above-average incomes. People said that many European actors and singers have mansions and villas on the Eleuthera small island.

Every year the archipelago is visited by about 6 million tourists, because there are many types of entertainment at the highest level. There are everything that your heart desires: Bahamas casino, spa-centers, surfing, diving and etc. If you want not only to sunbathe on the white beaches of Paradise Island, but also to rent a beach for a party, you should visit the capital of Nassau. The largest airport in the Bahamas, the Lynden Pindling International airport is located in 16 kilometers from the capital. Travelers arrive here. You can order a transfer in the Bahamas at the most favorable price on Visiting the local resorts is not a cheap pleasure, so the transport system here with the appropriate prices. Therefore, choose a reasonable price from local carriers on our service.

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Another the most visited island is Grand Bahama. Here you will certainly go to the Parliament square, the Royal staircase (do not try to climb it) and Tiger beach, where tiger sharks swim along the banks. Long Island is usually visited several times less, although the nature here is many times superior to the flora of other land areas on the Islands. Use the car rental service with a driver in the Bahamas to get around the hot Islands was comfortable.

They go to the Bahamas for many reasons. First, the Islands are near the United States, and The Grand Bahamas is located in 90 kilometers from Florida in the Caribbean Sea. Secondly, a high level of service for the entire tourism sector. Use the services of transportation of passengers in the Bahamas, so as not to look for an expensive taxi on the street. Thirdly, the unquenchable atmosphere of holiday and summer. Have a good travel!