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Going to a new country, think about ways to travel from the airport to the city center. You can book a transfer in Bolivia on the site If the flight is delayed, the carrier will wait at the arrival terminal for free up to 60 minutes, and the support service will answer your questions.

Bolivia is an amazing country, almost isolated from the whole world. Only in its territory there are more than 37 official languages. Most of the natural resources are located in the highlands. Tourists are attracted not only by the diverse flora and fauna, but also by a rich cultural heritage. Since the middle of the XIX century in Bolivia there have been more than 200 revolutions and state counter-coups.

They come here to admire the peaks of the snow-capped mountains of the Cordilleras, immerse themselves in the life of the oldest Inca civilization and visit the salt desert of Uyuni. The jungles of the Amazon basin leave no one indifferent. Many dream to be among the fast-moving waterfalls, greenery and listen to the singing of exotic birds.

The symbol of Bolivia is alpaca, a distant relative of the Tibetan lama. From her wool make a warm poncho, socks, sweaters and hats. The quality of alpaca wool is known throughout the world and is considered the best gift from South America.

Sucre is the official capital of Bolivia, but the cultural, industrial and economic center is the city of La Paz. Here is the Art Gallery of the Peoples of Bolivia or the National Center of Architecture. If you plan to visit several cities, book a transfer in Bolivia.

In Bolivia it is best to go from May to October. There is no single climatic zone, as the territory is quite diverse. On the plains is the tropical and subequatorial climate, in the mountains is continental. In summer, the average air temperature is + 33°C. In winter, heavy rains fall in place of snow, and the temperature doesn't drop below + 21°C.

Bolivian cuisine was formed under the influence of Indian and Spanish culture. Its basis is meat, potatoes and corn. Most often the food is fried in a frying pan with abundant addition of oils and spices. We recommend to try grilled beef grilled with potatoes under tomato-onion sauce or "silpancho", steak with rice and vegetable scoop. For dessert, order a fruit salad: pieces of exotic fruit mixed in natural yoghurt with honey and nuts. Liqueur "Singhani" is a traditional drink of Bolivians, which they always add to different cocktails or tea.

Bolivia is an unpredictable and colorful country. To see not only the center, but its surroundings, rent a car with a driver in Bolivia.

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