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Brazil is the largest state in South America, consisting of a continental and an island part. A hot country in climatic conditions and hot in temperament of the local population isn't inferior to other southern destinations and even has a number of advantages. This is the country of the famous carnivals in Rio, golden beaches, green jungles of the Amazon, real coffee and endless fun.

Almost the same country, the capital of Brasilia is a point of transfer of tourists from airports. From here to any city you can get to the trasfer. Of the sights here is the palace of the Aurora and the area of ​​the Three Powers. But the heart of the state, of course, is Rio de Janeiro, the most visited and once former main city.

Brazil is rich in architectural structures of the colonial era. Manaus, El Salvador and other large settlements have preserved manors, churches and churches, which now house historical museums and government offices.

The main attraction for tourists is carnivals, which take place simultaneously in all cities of Brazil every year. Feeling of the holiday and a whole baggage of emotions will be provided for a whole year ahead after participating in such a procession.

In addition to cultural monuments is worth visiting the natural parks and reserves. What is only worth the Pantanal and the valley of Agus Kentes. For religious tourists it will be interesting to climb Mount Corcovado to the statue of Christ the Savior, which is the visiting card of Brazil, to visit the churches of Nosa-Dama-Brazil and the Glory of the Lord.

The reverse side of Brazil lurks in the natural sights. Especially popular is the tour of the Amazon, a visit to the Iguazu Falls and, of course, a beach holiday on the famous Brazilian coast. From water entertainment, diving, surfing, snorkeling, sailing or simply relaxing on comfortable sunbeds of sandy beaches are welcome here. If you have compiled your own route along the Amazon, use the services to transport passengers in Brazil.

Most of the country is under the influence of the tropical climate. In the north-east of Brazil, usually go from May to September, the so-called cool time. During this period you won't find sultry weather conditions, because rest will not be a burden, but a joy. The average temperature of the Brazilian summer is + 28 ° C. But the tourist flow is equally distributed all year round, even in a rainy and hot winter with its +35 ° C.

The center of Brazil is characterized by a temperate climate with unlikely precipitation in the summer. But from January to May here it rains.

The basis of Brazilian cuisine is cassava and kidney beans, which are the ingredients of any dish. Brazilians prefer abundantly spiced meat, cooked in any way. It is recommended to taste tutu (mitbols with bean puree), sarapatel (pickled liver on coals) and for lovers of seafood acarage (balls of pea puree and shrimp). Refreshing can be a cocktail of kaipirinha, and from the alcoholic products, Brazilians prefer rum and reed vodka.

Brazil will always remain in the heart of a greedy tourist. Here, everyone during the journey must learn to make incendiary dances, make a hundred colorful photos from the carnival and leave the desire to return to the country of South America in the next couple of years. Book a transfer in Brazil at Let the journey be bright!