Transfer in Bulgaria

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Transfer in Bulgaria is a fast and convenient way to get from the airport to the destination. If you are traveling for the first time in this country, instead of public transport to move around the cities is best to rent a car with a driver in Bulgaria. Meet new culture and sightseeings with!

Bulgaria is a unique area of Balkan Peninsula particularly associated with beach vacation at the Black Sea coast. You can visit Sunny Beach, Golden Sands and many other resorts at a summertime to get nice tan of the skin. There are also than more 10 ski resorts: Bansko, Chepelare, Pamporovo, Panichishte, Borovets, Semkovo. We recommend you to go to ski from December to March. You’d better go to balneological resorts for health treatment. To get it, order a transfer in Bulgaria

If you want to treat health, you should go to balneological resorts. Thermal waters are located in ecologically clean districts, in Kyustendil, Sandanski, Devin, Bankia and many others. Medicinal herbs, mountain air and, of course, mineral water contribute to the health improvement of residents and tourists.

We recommend to visit Bulgaria at any time of the year even, when all the cities start annual festivals of folk art, music and cinema. To visit all events, please check the program of shows.

It would be a good idea to go for walking tour in Summer, when thermometers show the temperature +16...+27 °C in the Central part of the country and up to +33°C in the coastal zone. Winter delight Christmas frosts (-5 °C... -30°C) in mountainous areas and give a great track for riders.

Beside physical relaxation, you can walk the historic cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and enjoy the atmosphere. Here you will acquainted with ancient architecture (restored cathedrals and the remains of walls and structures) and also you can buy traditional souvenirs and visit the local restaurants. Services for the carriage of passengers in Bulgaria will be here more than ever by the way.

Bulgarian food is similar to Greek and Turkish cuisine due to the common products. You will be treated by a variety of salads from fresh vegetables, seasoned with spices, yoghurt and traditional sauces at local restaurants and cafes. As in other cultures, there are certain dishes in Bulgaria that are prepared toward national and religious holidays. For example, kapama, braised meat with sauerkraut, served for the Christmas table, sweet halva served for Carnival, and lush cozonaci (special Easter bread) served for the Passover. You can bring cheese "Brynza", brandy "Rakiya" and "Mastika" as a gastronomic souvenir from Bulgaria.