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Traveling around the world is easy enough. Are you going to Croatia? Come up with a route and do not forget to book a comfortable transfer in Croatia. driver will meet you with a sign at the airport and transfer you to the specified address. Use the services for the carriage of passengers in Croatia. There are various categories of cars in our park, which allows you to carry any number of people and baggage. Economy or premium class cars, limousine, minivan or bus – it depends on your wishes. If you are traveling with children, don’t forget to note about a child safety seat in the request.

Croatia is a Paradise situated on the West of the Adriatic Sea, famous for the numerous islands with virgin nature, ancient cities with its ancient architecture and mineral springs. Rocky beaches are hiding in shadows of pine trees and the air is filled with aroma of mountain herbs. Environmentally-friendly Croatia is a part of world’s national parks and reserves.

It is better to walk while traveling through the cities and islands of Croatia, so you could focus on temples and arches, that have been preserved since time immemorial, to know more about life and character of residents. Croats are friendly and patriotic. They will teach you two or three phrases totally free. There is only one bad thing about Croats: if you want to taste wine and traditional food, unfortunately you will have to look for nearby restaurants, and nobody will understand you and give a hand, if you don’t know the language!

Speaking of food: the national cuisine is a little transformed Mediterranean kitchen with a small reference to Italian recipes. The main ingredient of dishes is gradually changing from seafood to meat moving from the coast to the heart of Croatia's capital Zagreb. Croatians love food. For example, burek – puff pie with meat and cheese or prosciutto (smoked ham dry cheese). The main characteristic of national dishes is the fresh products and seasoning. Vegetables are served to the table cooked in various ways: stewed, fried, baked with herbs and spices. Croatians are proud that the local suited wine for any meal. Sweets are full of rich composition, contain healthy ingredients. There is a variety of pies and cakes with fruit fillings.

Croatia is divided into 3 resort areas: Istria beaches, Central Dalmatia and South Dalmatia. As a private tour area can be considered a ski resort and SPA. Rent a car with a driver in Croatia will allow you to visit as many tourist places and attractions.

The tourists traffic begins in May and lasts until the first autumn month. This period is favorable weather (+35°C or 95°F), with all proposed activities: surfing, sailing, snorkling and other water activities.