Get Transfer in the Czech Republic

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Transfer to the Czech Republic is a great way to save time and money on travel or on a business trip. Order a car of any class with a personal driver anywhere in the world. You flew to the airport, and you need to go to the hotel or to a meeting? Carriers will meet you in the designated place and without traffic jams will be delivered to the destination.

This country many travelers consider to be the pearl of Europe, as in the Czech Republic you will enjoy picturesque landscapes, you will see ancient cities with beautiful architectural examples and visit the world famous Karlovy Vary resort. Romantic spirit of Prague, excellent service and world famous gastronomy make this country the most attractive destination. Renting a car with a driver in the Czech Republic is the most popular way to travel around the country.

The entire tourist flow begins its journey from the capital. Prague with its medieval bridges, cobbled streets and buildings of the times of Charles IV welcomes guests at any time of the year. To feel the spirit of the country and to bypass all the temples, museums and palaces, it will take more than a week. Be sure to pay a visit to the Prague Kremlin and the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral, towering over the entire capital, numerous galleries and museums. An obligatory place to visit is the Charles Bridge, connecting the historic districts with the Vltava River. In addition to Prague in the Czech Republic, you can glance in Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen and balneological resorts. Straight from the big cities you need to go to the national parks, to the Moravian Kras and Podya, to capture the beautiful views on the photo and breathe the purest air. If you are planning an excursion for the whole day, use the services for the transportation of passengers.

By the way, there are mountain resorts here: in the north of the country on the mountain range of the Crokone Mountains: Spindlerov Mlyn, Rokytnitsy nad еeroi, Harrachov and many others meet the devotees of an active lifestyle.

In Karlovy Vary come from all over the world to heal the health of mineral springs with a rich chemical composition. In addition to physical recovery, you can also cheer up the spirit by shopping for local shops and enjoying the medieval atmosphere. By the way, Peter I came to the resort, as well as Beethoven, Marx and Turgenev. "Treatment on the waters" is still in great demand today.

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe: you can go on vacation all year round safely. Tom has a mild winter (up to -5 ° C) and a hot summer (+ 30 ° C). But spring and autumn, locals and tourists characterize as a velvet season. It is at this time that the thermometer's bars stay at + 15-20 ° C.

Traveling in the Czech Republic, one can not help but taste local dishes: strudels with fruit filling, famous knendliks and, of course, svikovu (traditional meat dish). Gastronomy is similar to German and Austrian cuisine, respectively, is nourishing and does not have anything similar to proper nutrition. As a dessert in any institution, we recommend you try a trdlo - bun with cinnamon, melting chocolate sauce inside. The Czech brewery has become a local brewery since the end of the 19th century. Because many national snacks (sausages, fried cheese and others) are so popular in European countries.

Czech Republic today is a republic with modern views on the world, advanced technologies and a high level of education. Here, don't forget about the traditions that have been formed for more than one century. For example, travelers will like the summer festivals: in all cities, local people dress up in national costumes, pick up bagpipes and start dancing. Book a transfer in the Czech Republic to experience its spirit and a friendly atmosphere.