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Denmark is a Scandinavian kingdom located on the shores of the North and Baltic seas and peninsula. Denmark is full of legends, entertaining stories. Medieval architecture, the Danish Riviera and sea cruises are what attracts tourists all year round.

The capital of the kingdom is Copenhagen. This city is famous for its monument to the Little Mermaid from Andersen's fairy tale, which became a symbol of the city. In Copenhagen there are no modern large buildings, which are compensated by small houses, parks and cozy embankments. The local population prefers bicycles to public transport or walking. In the spring, usually there are many carnivals and festivals. In Copenhagen is the oldest and largest library in Scandinavia.

Another no less interesting city of Aarhus is on the shore of the bay. Attractions against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes are clearly winning. It is worth a visit here, the Dan Gamle Bu, where the restored historical buildings are assembled. In the country of the Vikings, many memorable places are associated with Vikings, a savage people who once lived in Scandinavia. Therefore, you need to visit the exhibition at the Viking Museum and the history museum. If you plan to visit not only the capital, but also the neighborhood, take advantage of such a service as renting a car with a driver in Denmark.

Odense, Aalborg and many other cities have preserved within their borders castles and temples, churches and towers that require the attention of the tourist.

On the Faroe Islands, which are also part of the kingdom, the traveler will be surprised by comfortable hotels, fascinating views and untouched nature. Climbers on the island of Viyoi conquer Enniberg, and anglers are engaged in fishing on Lake Pollur. Among tourists, the service for the transport of passengers in Denmark is popular. Thus, you are planning your own time.

In short, everyone will be able to find something to do. For children, by the way, the amusement park Tivolli, included in the top 10 large parks of the world with attractions, is provided for.

The climatic conditions of Denmark are quite comfortable. There are no sharp changes in temperature or sharp weather changes. Summer is cool, and winter (from 0 ° C to -10 ° C) is usual for a temperate climate. The best time to visit is June-August (+ 15 ° C).

The local population likes to eat deliciously, and this good quality is shared with tourists. Before the Danish cuisine, few people will stand. Well seasoned meats and seafood are the basis of all dishes. Fried pork is served with stewed red cabbage, and seafood is preferred with the same zharpena potatoes. Salted chicken with pineapple, pork with prunes and apples, strawberry soup it's worth trying and adding a recipe to your cookbook. From drinks, coffee and tea are preferred, and from alcoholic beverages, beer and mulled wine.

You can tell about the sights of Denmark for a long time, it's better to come and get acquainted with the kingdom personally. Book a transfer in Denmark on the site, so that you can easily move between cities.