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Transfer in the Dominican Republic is a convenient way of passenger transportation at affordable prices. Rest at the resorts and in the cities of Dominican Republic will be carefree if instead of public transport and expensive to give preference to such a service as renting a car with a driver in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic is a republic located in the east of Haiti in the Caribbean. At one mention of the country, at once sandy beaches, blue waters of the sea and other attributes of a tropical resort are represented. Once in the Dominican Republic, you never want to spend a beach vacation in another part of the world.

The capital of Santo Domingo is on UNESCO's World Heritage List quite deservedly. The symbol of the city is the Columbus lighthouse, where there is a mausoleum with the remains of the discoverer of America and a museum in his honor. There are many museums and historical architecture in the city: the colonial museum of Las Casas Reales, the cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor, the Fortress of La Fortaleza and the first stone house of the Casa de Gordon. These and other attractions are worth a visit in Santo Domingo.

But the main reason for visiting are the resorts and beaches of the Caribbean coast, stretching for more than 1500 kilometers. In Punta Cana you can go to the whole family. Five-star hotels are located near the beaches, and you can spend time with children in national parks with exotic flora and fauna. If you want to see as many beautiful places as possible, use the services of transporting passengers in the Dominican Republic.

In Boca Chica is a beautiful lagoon. Snorkeling and diving are popular pastime activities at the resort, but in Cabarete and Playa Dorada you can practice windsurfing.

Dominican cuisine, which includes the gastronomic traditions of Europe and Africa, Spain and the Caribbean, will also please the tourist with its "tropical" dishes. Fried banana is perfectly combined with meat, and garnish is usually served with beans and rice. Puree from green bananas "Mangu", fried slices of cheese "Cueso Frito" and "Sankocho" (a kind of ragout of 5 kinds of meat) is what is recommended to try. Local desserts are fruits and all sorts of variations. Jam, souffle, molasses, coconut milk and honey find a harmonious combination in many sweet dishes: Dulses-de-Naranha (jam from oranges), Dulses-kon-Coco (molasses with coconut shavings) and, of course, coconut dessert Coco Nueve -Con-Leche.

To walk through the sugar sands of the Dominican Republic, tourists travel from all over the world. The humid tropical climate promotes year-round tourism. The average temperature in Haiti is + 25 ° C. Sometimes heavy rain falls.

Every day spent in the Dominican Republic will be like a holiday. Rhythms of Bachata, warm sea and natural parks. This is the whole republic. Book a transfer in the Dominican Republic through the service, to comfortably move between resort towns.