Transfer in Egypt

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After a long flight, you want to get to the hotel as soon as possible in order to start your journey sooner. For a more comfortable stay and save time on the road, book a transfer in Egypt on the online booking service

Egypt is a complete mystery country of ancient civilization, pyramids and pharaohs, impeccable resorts and reefs of the Red Sea. Egypt before other countries has become a tasty morsel for tourists and accessible to every resort. Azure beaches, warm sea, hotels "All inclusive" ​​this is what attracts a hot country with a mysterious history. If you plan to rest a large company, we recommend you to use the services for the transportation of passengers in Egypt.

It is divided into 6 regions: Upper, Lower, Middle, Sinai, the Red Sea coast and the Western Desert. Each part of the fairytale country is interesting for its sights, history and resorts. The coast of the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula is literally dotted with hotels and beaches.

The Egyptian pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings and Luxor. This is the reason why most tourists are traveling, wishing to see with their own eyes the monuments built before our era. You can visit all the historically and culturally significant places in 1 day, by ordering a sightseeing tour or by yourself having gone on a rented car on the online service Get Transfer.

It will be equally interesting to visit the capital of Egypt, Cairo, where there are numerous mosques, the largest market in Africa and many other ancient buildings and structures. By the way, in the market of Khan-el-Khalili, created in the XIV century, you can buy souvenirs, drink tea and have a snack with local gastronomy. Rent a car with a driver in Egypt will allow you to visit the most interesting and remote corners of the country.

In addition to the capital, it is worth visiting other big cities: Giza with mysterious pyramids and the Sphinx, Luxor with a huge number of ancient monuments, the Faroese lighthouse and treasures of the tomb of Tutankhamun in Alexandria.

Egypt positions itself as the center of cultural and excursion tourism in Africa. Today travelers prefer and rest on the shores of the warm Red Sea: El Gouna, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and at many other resorts.

In Sharm el-Sheikh beaches are sandy with clean beaches, equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. Some hotels have their own territory on the coast, but then, as a rule, the price tag for the tour will be higher than usual. The most noteworthy is that along the coastline into the sea for 15 meters stretch coral reefs. Snorkeling, that is, diving into the water to see the colorful underwater world of the Red Sea, is popular as well as excursions to the pyramids. Diving and surfing are also in demand in all resort towns.

What is noteworthy, Egypt travels all year round, the tropical climate contributes to favorable weather conditions. In winter, the average temperature is + 23 ° C, and in summer - + 37 ° C. However, in the period from December to February for evening walks it is worthwhile to capture warm clothes.

In Egypt, you can arrange a gastronomic trek to local institutions: inexpensive snack bars or luxury restaurants. In addition to traditional dishes with lamb and couscous, the traveler will be surprised by a dish made of a pigeon stuffed with porridge. Birds are bred specifically for the purpose of eating. "Ful medames" (stewed beans), stew and falafel are the main dishes and foods that feed the local population. The highlight of the cuisine of Egypt are spices that impart flavor and improve the taste of the dish. In some establishments you can also order a hookah.

In a word, vacation "on a level" with a rich excursion program will leave positive emotions and excellent mood for a long time. You will want to come back here again and again. Book a transfer in Egypt on the site, if you arrive early in the morning or at night.