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Book the transfer in Georgia when you travel here. provides cars with a personal driver depending on the number of passengers and the chosen class: economy, business or premium. If you have an important meeting, a wedding or other significant event, book a limousine for impressive appearance in society.

Georgia is a picturesque area, which surrounded by Caucasian Mountains from one side and by the Black Sea from the other. You need to go there and enjoy the beauty of the mountainous area and relax on pebble beaches in Batumi. The residents are famous for their hospitality and long toasts, and you can taste a true Georgian wine and hot khachapuri in every tavern.

The Georgian kitchen will please with an abundance of sweets, pastries and different interpretations with meat: chanakhi, dolma, satsivi, khinkali and many others. In local stalls you can buy fresh churchkhela and gozinaki and bakava, but only Georgians know its secret ingredients.

The old town Tbilisi, formerly known as Tiflis, harmoniously combines modern and historic buildings. You can get here from the airport by transfer to Georgia, booked on our service. If you want to feel atmosphere of welcome city of the Caucasus, it will be a good idea begin to travel from old quarters. You will discover beautiful views of the river from the Peace Bridge in the form of a glass turtle, see historical places and lift to the fortress Narikala.

If other cities can be visited at any time of the year, Batumi must be visited in summer. We recommend taking a bike and ride along the promenade enjoying the night lights of Batumi and capture romantic love statue "Ali and Nino". You should go to the beaches in from May to September to avoid the scorching sun and hot air. While walking around the city, don’t forget to buy a bottle of the famous mineral water to quench your thirst in the hot season. Also, using the service of car rental with driver in Georgia, you can explore as many memorable places.

The weather is soft in winter, the thermometer ranging from +3 to +10 °C. In mountainous areas tourists come to ride slopes at Bakuriani, Gudauri and Upper Svaneti, and many others from November to May. If you choose to ski, you have a special track at Gudauri where competent instructors will teach you. There are 23 tracks with a total length of 16 kilometers in this popular resort. If you want to visit small ski resort go to a cozy Hatsvali.

Tourists come to balneological resort to improve health in Borjomi, Tskhaltubo and a Nonissue. In addition, there are other healing places to the thermal waters at the resorts: caves, Tskaltubo, Akhtala mud baths and clean mountain air Shovi. Passenger transportation services in Georgia will be useful for those who value their time.

Travelling to Georgia will give you a sea of emotions and memorable images, whatever purposes you would follow: the therapeutic, entertaining, or sightseeing.