Transfer in Gibraltar

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Gibraltar is a small British territory located on the Iberian Peninsula. Gibraltar is annually visited by thousands of tourists, which draws its overseas exotic cruises on yachts and untouched nature.

In a tiny state, whose area is only 6.5 miles, there is something to see. This nature Apes’ Den and the Kingdom of the Monkeys. In the latter inhabits rare species of monkeys. There is a belief that Gibraltar will depend on the UK as much as there will be a live monkey magot.

Rock what extends almost throughout the country, according to legend is one of the Pillars of Hercules. Here you can see the 18th century fortress with these tunnels carved into the rock. On the South side is the Military Heritage Centre Gibraltar, a kind of historical Museum and archives.

The pearl of Gibraltar is the oldest building in Gibraltar's Moorish castle, built in the 8th century ad. In the eponymous capital is worth visiting the Church of St. Andrew, Cathedral of Saint virgin Mary and Catholic chapel Lady of Europe, Trafalgar cemetery and the lime Kiln.

From far or near should consider the character of Gibraltar - Great Europe Point, the British lighthouse. By the way, a popular attraction is sailing, as there is one of the main yachting centers. Someone arrives in a small country fishing, others for the sake of ecotourism; others – to have fun in night clubs that only close with the dawn.

The climate is temperate and the average winter temperature reaches +16°C, in summer +21°C.

Gibraltar's gastronomy has taken over the tradition of neighboring countries: Spain, UK, Italy, Morocco and many others. Here, gourmets will find many small restaurants that will surprise overseas cuisine and rich wine list. Most importantly, time to try calentito (pea cake) and tortilla with spinach and meat.

If you are traveling to the UK, then you certainly need to get to Gibraltar. Mostly tourists – lovers of yachting.