Transfer in Greece

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If you do not know how to get from the airport, book a transfer to Greece on the online service The carrier will comfortably take you to the resort, to the hotel or to local attractions. Traveling with a child, be sure to specify in the application for the child seat in the car. Transfer to Greece is a mandatory service for tourists and those who value both time and money.

Greece is a country of thousands of Islands and centuries of history before and after our era, a real open Museum with unique culture, traditions and paradise resorts. So after you have entire view of Greece, try to combine action with pleasure: visit the main sightseeings and relax on the shores of the Mediterranean, Ionian and Aegean seas. Experienced travelers prefer to rent a car with a driver in Greece and the surrounding Islands to ride with the wind along the coast.

The ancient Greeks lived with faith in the myths and their heroes, gods residing on mount Olympus. Because of that to climb a mountain is necessary to touch the cult Shrine. You also certainly have to visit Athens – historical capital, which has preserved the most ancient monuments of history and architecture. Here is the main symbol of the city and across the country – the Acropolis, preserved temples of Zeus and Poseidon and the ancient stone Amphitheatre. The area of Plaka is at the foot of the “high city”, where you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the old town. Through the cobblestone streets and enjoying the colorful facades of the houses, you can wander into a cosy tavern where you can try traditional dishes. Mandatory for viewing Meteors located on the rocks in Kalambaka. The oldest complex of monasteries can be reached from the cities of Thessaloniki or Halkidiki, using transportation services.

In addition to entertainment and viewing of memorable places you can take a gastronomic tour of local cafes and restaurants in Greece. All dishes are consist of natural and healthy products: fresh or roasted vegetables, olives, yogurt, cheese, meat and of course olive oil. Locals add spices to all meals, or just serve it with each meal, because the freshly baked crusty bread will be more fragrant, if it's a dunk in olive oil. There is even a legend about the divine origin of oil: because it has a golden color and healthy properties for the entire body. The most popular dishes – Greek salad "tzatziki", lasagna, atopica and dolmates. Well-known cheeses, that are being put abroad: feta, ladotyri kasseri, kefalotyri. Dessert «galaktoboureko» is the most popular for tourists. If you try it, you'll never guess it: it tastes like custard, but really – semolina.

At any time of the year you can quench thirst with a glass of this wine, which was harvested in the best vineyards of the country, even in the hottest time of the year when the thermometer shows more than +30°C. At this time of year the tourist centres become beach resorts on the Islands of Crete, Rhodes, which also "something to see".