Transfer in Iceland

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Transfer to Iceland is a quick way to get from the airport or train station to the hotel after a long flight or a long trip. Online service provides services for the transportation of passengers in Iceland for the required number of people: from a passenger car for 3 passengers to a comfortable bus for up to 50 people. Make your trip comfortable and safe for yourself, your family and friends.

Country with northern exotic Iceland is known throughout the world for its natural wonders: fjords and volcanoes, icy deserts and waterfalls, nature reserves and beautiful landscapes. Iceland is on the island of the same name, washed by the cold Greenland Sea in the north, to the east by the Norwegian Sea, and to the west by the Danish Strait. Iceland in translation from the native language means "ice country", fully responding to the weather conditions of the island.

Reykjavik is the most northern capital in the world. The city is the scientific and economic center of the state. In addition to numerous museums and modern and medieval architectural designs, tourists go to the main city for fantastic landscapes, visits to geysers and a spa resort on the "Blue Lagoon" hot springs.

Indisputably the main sights of the country are natural. For example, it is worth to visit the coast of the Western Fjords, the Torsmerk Valley and Landmannaleygar, the Hecla Volcano, the Godafoss Waterfall and many other "nature gifts". Rent a car with a driver in Iceland will help to explore as many attractions.

A popular excursion in Iceland is the Tingvellir Park, where the largest lake of Tingvalavaten is located, the legendary Ting fields. And in the Valley of Geysers there is that same water spring, beating up to 30 meters into the voles from under the earth, in honor of which such underground natural keys began to be called geysers.

One of the reasons for traveling to Iceland are the hospitals: beautiful views of Icelandic reliefs and flora, combined with natural medicines in the form of mineral waters and healing mud, are a panacea for the soul and body.

The nature on the island is unique: rest in Iceland will appeal to everyone. Here, lovers of an active way of life will go on hikes, climbers will put a new point of climbing on the map, and hang gliders will make unforgettable flights.

The best time to visit is summer (+ 14 °C) with white nights. The climate on the island is subarctic. In January, weather conditions are less friendly for a tourist, like the whole country. Many hotels are closed during the cold period, the numerical flow of transport is reduced. The country, as well as the duration of 5 hours a day, goes on vacation.

In the culinary traditions of Iceland, of course, seafood predominates: prawns, squid, fish and even sharks are cooked in various ways. Traditionally, soup is prepared from lamb, and tea is served as a drink for any meals.

Book a transfer to Iceland to move around the city in comfortable conditions. Traveling to Iceland will give a lot of impressions even to the experienced traveler. And where, no matter how here, you can achieve harmony with nature, enjoy sights and at least once take a vacation not on the hot coast?