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Indonesia is a republic on the island of Bali, washed by the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. This exotic country will present the tourist with bright emotions from beach rest and impressive sights in the form of local architecture. According to legend, the island was created by the gods for themselves. Only later the fairy-tale country was opened for people to enjoy unique flora and fauna and see historical and cultural monuments. By the way, prices for vacation here are really "sky-high", but this is justified by quality rest and a wide range of entertainment.

Each town on a small island is written off from the picture: a leisurely rest in a hammock on the paradise coast with beaches of white sand. blue waters of the oceans with an amazing underwater world and a bright sun, giving chocolate tan just a week of tourism on the island. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is located on the island of Java. The cultural and economic centers of the republic are concentrated here. If you go on a guided tour, then acquaintance with Jakarta will start from Taman Fatahill Square, which is located in the historic part of the city. After the tour route you will go to the Historical Museum, where once there was a town hall, and the Museum of Fine Arts. For children it will be interesting to visit the parks provided for them: Mini-Indonesia, the Sea World aquarium, the Rangoonan zoo. Adults will like the "Dream Park in Anchiol", where you can spend your time quietly, meditate or do yoga: nobody will interfere with you.

On the island of Java, where the capital is located, there are many interesting sights. For example, Prambanan is a complex of more than two hundred temples and cathedrals, some of which were destroyed by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. By the way, this year the volcano Agunt (there are several active and sleeping volcanoes in the republic) woke up and caused considerable damage. Also in Java is worth visiting Borobudur - nine-story building of Buddhist temples. This landmark is protected by UNESCO.

Ubud is famous for the forest of monkeys who live in equatorial forests with whole families in ancient temples, quietly roam among tourists and can easily steal food, a purse and any shiny object without a twinge of conscience. For relaxation with children, Sanur and Sumatra, Lombok and Gili are suitable. Travel around the Islands with your family will be convenient if you use the services of transportation of passengers in Indonesia. provides cars of all classes and brands, minivans, buses and limousines.

But the most popular resort is Bali. From the mountains offers a breathtaking view of the tropics, the ocean and specific landscapes. This place can rightfully be recognized as an earthly paradise: so harmoniously combines entertainment with landscapes. The resorts of Seminyak and Kuta live in a rhythm of non-stop. There are whole streets with bars and clubs, where holidaymakers and local youth have fun until the morning to the sound of incendiary music. In Bali they also go to "catch their wave." Surfing is the visiting card of the whole of Indonesia.

The climate in the country is stunning: you can relax all year round, but in the spring and autumn dry and wet periods prevail. The average temperature is +36 ° C in any season the minimum sometimes drops to + 25 ° C.

The Indonesian cuisine is a combination of island, Indian and Chinese traditions. Seafood and rice "nanci" here in priority, a lot of tropical fruits and vegetables. Shark fin soup, "swallow's nest" is ideal for gourmets. Islanders prefer spicy food, because generously add everywhere unusual spices. Drinks are freshly squeezed juices, wines, coconut milk. It is worth trying palm vodka "arak", which has no analogues anywhere.

Rent a car with driver in Indonesia will allow you to get acquainted with the country better. It is a unique country that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every season. People are ready to give any money to immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of the island for a week.