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Israel is the most religious country with a point of unity of the three world religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The most important sacred places located in Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem and Tiberias are concentrated in the country. Most come for pilgrimage, the rest are tourists who want to relax and get well in the salty waters of the Dead and Red Seas.

Jerusalem with centuries-old history concluded within its borders the oldest monuments, such as the Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Believers to these shrines from all over the world come together all year round. But not only representatives of different faiths will be interested to visit the capital. Exciting excursions to historical fortresses, archaeological excavations and museums, in which guides understandably and fascinatingly tell travelers about the creation of the world and will spend on the most entertaining excursions.

In Tel Aviv, you will not find a secluded place, since it is the noisiest city in Israel. Popular tourism is rest on the numerous beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Most often, not families with children are sent here, but young people to have fun in the numerous clubs of Tel Aviv until dawn. Beaches are also in Eilat, on the coast of the Red Sea.

As you know, the Dead Sea is so saturated with salts that if you want to dive, you will be pushed up. This beach vacation is suitable for those who don't know how to swim or want to be cured by the waters of the Dead Sea known to the whole world.

In Haifa, located on Mount Carmel, they go about business, in Tiberias, to improve their health in hot springs, and Nazareth, like the capital, absorbed memorable places. It was here that the Virgin Mary learned from Archangel Michael about the imminent appearance of Jesus, and in the national park preserved the Roman bowls, in which the creator turned water into wine. Renting a car with a driver in Israel is a great opportunity to see as many old attractions as possible.

After visiting Israel, it isn't only spiritually and culturally enriched, but also try the local cuisine. It can be found both in inexpensive cafes and luxurious restaurants in Tel Aviv and Haifa. The most popular products are hummus and pita. Such a snack can be done with yourself, without spending a lot of money in a cafe. If you decide to try the national cuisine, then safely order meorav jerushalmi (meat of 4 kinds of chicken) and potato pancakes, drink all Maccabi, and order a dessert gogol-mogol or gingerbread with almonds. In the sacred country, kosher cuisine, that is, cooked according to Jewish laws, is central, while the European one takes second place. Although it can also be found in local institutions.

A colorful, faithful and respectful country is a place for compulsory visiting at any time of the year. The climate in Israel is dominated by tropical with mild winters and dry summers. Rains last from October to March, but are short and don't cause discomfort to tourists during this period. Book a transfer in Israel on the site or use the services for the transportation of passengers, so that nothing is distracted from the trip.