Transfer in Kenya

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The transport system in Kenya is a complex system: the public is usually crowded and the taxi price is above average. The cost must be negotiated in advance, and drivers expect a tip of at least 10% of the cost. To avoid fraud and overpayments, you can order a transfer to Kenya on the online service

Kenya is an endless number of national parks, unspoiled beaches, savannahs, snowy mountains and exotic fauna of Africa. The country's landscapes surprise with diversity: the desert, small jungles, ponds and mountainous terrain. The local population is proud of the gifts of nature and carefully protects them.

In the capital you can get already listed ways of transportation: rent a car with driver in Kenya at a convenient service Nairobi is a fast-growing center with natural beauty and Safari popular with tourists. There are many places where you should definitely go: all of them are absolutely exotic-snake parks, farms and much more. The old city, preserved in the very center of the capital, also requires special attention of the traveler. The clock tower, located immediately, is a grandiose structure and a visiting card of the city. The National Archive, the Sikh temple, the mausoleum of the first president of Kenya and many other memorable places are waiting for tourists every day.

It is interesting to visit the former capital of Mombasa with a medieval atmosphere, Malindi, where the most established Vasco da Gama cross is located, and local beaches are popular with the population and visitors of the city. In Kisumu on the market, travelers buy souvenirs. From the Port of Florence, they take a ferry to Bukoba, Mwatsi and other marinas.

The main natural attraction is the Great African fault, because of natural disasters of antiquity. It is worth to visit the freshwater lake Naivasha, surrounded by extinct volcanoes and mountains. Without local language skills, it is difficult to negotiate with taxi drivers, so leave a request for a transfer to Kenya on our service. You can place your order in your native language in a two minutes.

The climate of the country is diverse no less than landscapes. The central part of the coast is characterized by the conditions of the continental climate with a stable temperature of 23-25 °C throughout the year. In a mountainous area, the thermometer does not show above + 10 °C, snow lies on the tops. In spring and autumn, the rainy season begins without changes in temperature.

The culinary traditions of Kenya are an unusual combination of Indian, African and even European gastronomy. In addition to the usual dishes, guests try to surprise with dishes from antelope, crocodile, salads from tropical vegetables and fruits. All this is generously seasoned with spices, therefore when making an order in a restaurant, warn the waiter about the desired degree of spicy food. All freshly squeezed juices, wines and tea are washed down.

Take advantage of passenger transportation services in Kenya to visit as many memorable places as possible. In Kenya, they go for fascinating excursions on the land where civilization began to develop, and paradise rest: unhurried relaxation on the azure coast of the Indian Ocean with the corresponding developed infrastructure.