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If you plan to rest independently, not through a travel agency, you need to take care of transport in the chosen country. Book a transfer in Kyrgyzstan from the airport or train station on the convenient booking service Thus, you will provide yourself with a comfortable way from point A to point B. The main advantage of booking is a fixed price for the transfer: after completing the application you will know the final cost of the trip. Travel sparingly with!

Kyrgyzstan is a picturesque country in the northeast of Central Asia, not inferior to the sights and natural beauties of the resorts of the eastern states. Kyrgyzstan is the boundless expanses of the steppes, ancient cities of Asia and the picturesque mountain systems of Tien Shan and Pamiro-Alai, thanks to which Kyrgyzstan is compared to Switzerland. Inexpensive and hospitable Kyrgyzstan is famous for its untouched nature by nature alpine meadows, Lake Issyk-Kul, Sary-Chelek reserve and other natural monuments. Use the services for the transportation of passengers in Kyrgyzstan, if you travel a large company.

Begin acquaintance with Kyrgyzstan, as they also call Kyrgyzstan, stands with Bishkek. The capital will be surprised by the variety of green, park areas, avenues, as well as architectural sights: Kuznetsk fortress (citadel of the ancient city of Jule), South Gate, Ala-Too Square and others. In the suburbs there are the Ata-Beit memorial complex and the Ala-Archa national park. In Bishkek, there are several museums in which you can get acquainted with the history and culture of the country through unique exhibits.

In the city with a laconic name Osh, the epicenter of the pilgrimage of Muslims, many buildings, mosques and ancient settlements have survived. The East-typical market was previously a connecting link between Asia and the West, today it functions to the full, attracting travelers from all regions of the country. The sacred mountain Suleiman-Too, located near Osh, annually collects a large stream of tourists and pilgrims. Renting a car with a driver in Kyrgyzstan will allow you to travel in comfortable conditions from city to city.

The pearl of Kyrgyzstan is Issyk-Kul Lake. On the resorts surrounding the largest lake in Asia, travelers are sent to heal with thermal waters and air of coniferous forests and mountains. In this area, a unique microclimate was formed, which contributed to the construction around the lake of hospitals, hotels and boarding houses.

For fans of outdoor activities, it is recommended to visit the ski resort in Karakol. At the foot of Terskey-Ala-Too there are good hiking routes and excellent ski tracks. Favorable time for rest in the mountains is from the end of November to March. The temperature in January reaches -14 °С in the daytime, down to -28 °С at night, in summer it rises to +5 °С.

 The climate in Kyrgyzstan is continental with pronounced seasons. In the plateau in July, high season, the thermometer bars adhere to +25 °С, and in winter - to -8 °С.

Whichever time of year you go to Kyrgyzstan, local gastronomy will leave positive impressions, based on meat and dairy products, poultry and cereals. The national cuisine is hearty and served in large portions. The obligatory dish for the first serves soups and broths, on the second is meat products, pilaf and manti. It is worth to try beshbarmak from mutton, shorpo soup and boiled horse sausage chuchuk. From drinks, preference is given to black, green, kizil tea, bozo (something like kvass), koumiss, ayran.

Travel to Kyrgyzstan will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. What only is jailoo-tourism. Vacationers go with nomads, indigenous people, places that haven't been touched by civilization. So the traveler will be transported to medieval or primitive conditions: for example, without comfort and communication, live in yurts of a mountain shepherd. After such an excursion, book a transfer in Kyrgyzstan on the site Our carriers will take you to the specified destination with comfort.