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Typical transport of Laos is buses, taxis and tuk-tuki. Each type has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. For example, a taxi does not have a pricelist as such, buses in the direction of "airport - city" go long enough because of the poor condition of roads. In the city, in addition to cars, tuk-tuki, a close so-called mototaxi, are popular. If you want to easily get anywhere in the country, book a transfer in Laos on the site Pleasant prices and excellent service will surprise you: the start of vacation in the southern country will be positive. Travel with!

Laos, like neighboring Vietnam and Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia with exotic rest, religious monuments of the past and untouched nature. In Laos, there is no access to the sea, which is compensated by rest on ponds and lakes, rich in sightseeing program and leisurely leisure in small towns. Some of them still reigns medieval atmosphere with bazaars and with the appropriate architecture. If you want to visit not only the capital, but also the surrounding area, use the services of passenger transportation in Laos.

The capital of Laos Vientiane is a small provincial city with a measured rhythm of life and many Buddhist temples. Be sure to visit the Buddha Park, the Tat-Dam stupa and Wat S-Muan monasteries, Pha-Lung, Wat Phra-Keo. All the buildings in the city date back to the XV and XVI centuries.

Another no less interesting city is Luang Prabang is famous for the temple complex "Wat Sientong" with preserved ancient mosaics and wooden columns. In the Royal Palace (Theater) puts excellent performances: performances and ballet in Laotian subjects.

Climb to the mountain of Phushi, visit the valley of Jha or the eastern market in Pakse is the choice is for a guest of Laos. Tourism in the country is still underdeveloped, but in every city you will be offered a lot of sightseeing tours around Laos and neighboring countries. Renting a car with a driver in Laos is one way to visit as many interesting places as possible.

The climate in a state remote from the sea is subequatorial-monsoonal. In January, the temperature does not drop below + 15 °C, and the average in July is + 28 °C.

The main ingredient of Lao dishes is rice and spices. By the way, rice is served in two variations: sticky and fried. Fish and meat are first fried in oil on coals. It is worth to try the local fruits and vegetables, as well as a drink "mak-mai-pan", consisting of juice, pulp and condensed milk.

Ride your bike, buy gifts at the night market and enjoy the wildlife is three things you need to try in Laos. This is almost unknown to travelers, a country that "needs" research and development vacationers. Today, an exotic country is accessible to everyone. Book a transfer in Laos on the site and go on an exciting tour of the country.