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Transfer in Lebanon-land transportation service, which will save on taxis and quickly deliver to a pre-specified destination. This is a comfortable and fast way to travel in comparison with public transport. Book a transfer in Lebanon at a convenient booking service If you are traveling in a large group, you have a good price offer: minivan or bus, depending on the number of tourists and Luggage.

The Lebanese Republic is an Arab state in the Middle East, adjacent to Israel and Syria. This country is interesting for its history, culture and eastern exotics. There are the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean, comfortable climate, gastronomy and infrastructure quite developed for a small state. With these things it will be an ideal holiday in a warm country with a rich excursion program. The card of Lebanon is the Cedar Valley. It has been argued that Noah built the ark exactly here using the local trees.

The capital Beirut is so-called Mediterranean Switzerland. The reliability and popularity of local banks are growing every year, like the country's economy. This Europeanized city retained the mosques and unique architecture of the past centuries, and harmoniously combined them with modern buildings: skyscrapers, fashion boutiques and streets. For example, Place d'Etoile, located in the center of the city, is in demand among tourists for its restaurants, shops and brasseries. Near the main city are situated the caves of Jaita. This eighth wonder of the world is also worth visiting, as well as other natural attractions of Buirut: Harissa Mountain with the the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon and Pigeon Rock.

Not less interesting city is Byblos, whose history is more than 7000 years old. You can get here by public transport, as well as using the services of transportation of passengers in Lebanon. Walking through the ancient streets, you are plunging into the past. The ancient monuments can help you in it: the Greek theater, the Phoenician temple, the citadels of the Ottoman Empire and many other important cultural sights. Sidon and Tire are also rich in buildings and structures of the past epochs: Roman forums, hippodromes, ruins of temples and much more.

In addition to a well-developed excursion program and ecotourism, there are many modern entertainments in the cities: world-famous nightclubs, luxury restaurants and developed resort tours. Rent a car with a driver in Lebanon will allow you to go on a self-built tour, without a guide and other tourists.

In Lebanon, there is everything for a quality beach holiday: the resorts of Beirut, Nabatea, Sidon and Thira, and many others stretch for 225 kilometers along the coast. Each tourist point has luxury hotels, developed infrastructure and places for sunbathing. After sunset parties and dances begin on the beaches until morning.

In the Lebanese Republic dominated the subtropical Mediterranean climate, which allows you to go to the resorts in the summer months and in September (up to + 30 ° C). In winter and spring it is recommended to take the cultural program. Weather conditions on the main part of the country are in a temperate climatic zone, so comfortable weather of +25°C will not interfere with enjoing the local museums, temples and other archaic monuments.

Once in Tripoli, be ready to get +2 kilograms, or even more. This city is famous for its various sweets.

In addition to mhalabia, baklava and halva, the Lebanese cuisine is famous throughout the East for its elegance and variety: shaurma, vegetables and lamb on the grill, various snacks with hummus and falafel. In large cities there are several restaurants that even French gourmets recommend. Almost any meal goes with a hookah. In addition to a café with traditional cuisine, you can find European cuisine in the cities, as well as Burger King or McDonald's.

Travel in Lebanon like an inquisitive tourist and someone who wants to get quality service and rest for the money spent.