Transfer in Lithuania

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Transfer in Lithuania is a quick way to get from the airport to the hotel. You will not overpay extra money for a taxi and search after a tiring flight stop with public transport. Renting a car with a driver in Lithuania is also popular with tourists and foreign businessmen. You can move between cities and places of interest or on business issues on a leased line for a specified period of time on the online service

Lithuania is a country with stunning beaches on the Baltic Sea coast, historical monuments and an impressive excursion program. Lithuania's secret advantages over other European countries are mineral waters, low prices and fascinating legends, which you will be told by the local population.

Vilnius, the capital of the Baltic country, is famous for baroque buildings with brightly-decorated facades, medieval castles and large squares. Cobbled streets were hidden from the eyes of cozy cafes and restaurants, wherever you look every building and monument cling to the eye. On the territory of Vilnius is the republic of Užupis, which proclaimed itself independent in the late XX century. In this part of the capital live creative people: artists, sculptors, poets and musicians. This art district of Vilnius is compared to Montmartre, you have to walk here on foot, slowly browsing every gallery, cafe, workshop or any monument. It is also worth visiting the "Park of Europe", built near the capital. Scientists say that this is the place where the center of Europe is located.

In Lithuania, many resort towns, suitable for beach, health or cultural recreation. For example, once the ancient capital of Lithuania Trakai is surrounded by lakes and islands. Here is the only castle on the island, enveloped in secrets and legends. And Kunas is full of monuments of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture: Kaunas Castle, Pagaislis Monastery and others.

The most famous tourist destination in the world in Lithuania is Druskininkai. In hospitals with healing mud and waters, party leaders once came to visit, and today everyone can get into this spa. Lovers of the sea, the sun and clean beaches should go to the Curonian Spit, on the one side washed by the bay, and on the other is the Baltic Sea. In these and many other localities with fascinating tours of the sights. Book a transfer in Lithuania, if you plan to visit not only in the capital, but also at well-known resorts.

In addition to the cultural program, any holiday involves a gastronomic tour of restaurants and cafes with national cuisine. You can try all the dishes only if you are in Lithuania for a month. Nevertheless, the dishes are simple to prepare and unique in taste. Borscht and soups, dumplings and vareniki are in Lithuanian cuisine, as in Russian. Meat must necessarily enter the main dish every day: pork, veal, fish. The Lithuanians prefers potatoes to garnish. It is recommended to try smoked meat "Skilandis", pies "Kibinay" and stuffed with various stuffing dumplings "Didgkukuliai". For dessert, order a piece of cake "Shakotis", and as a drink is kvass, lemonade or alcohol, liqueur "Krupnikas" local spill.

The continental and mild maritime climate of Lithuania, depending on the territory, allows you to travel all year round. Winter is not too severe, the maximum minus reaches -5 °C, and the average temperature in summer is + 23 °C.

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