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When going on a trip to the Balkan Peninsula, don't forget to book a transfer in Macedonia, so that after landing you immediately met the driver and delivered without delay to the hotel. The price for the transfer in Macedonia is lower than the taxi. If you travel with children, then getting on public transport will not be easy. Book a transfer on the online service and select the most favorable of several offers of carriers! Travel comfortably!

The Republic of Macedonia is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula, occupying about 40% of the lands of Ancient Macedonia. To this day monuments of the Roman Empire have been preserved on the territory of the state. Macedonia is surrounded by the Pind and Rhodope Mountains, which makes the country separate from other states. However, you can get to Macedonia from anywhere in the world.

Macedonia is a piece of Europe little explored by tourists. Travelers will like the idyllic villages, the untouched nature of the mountains and ancient sights. Each new guest of the country will discover for himself a unique blending of different cultures. Use the services of transporting passengers in Macedonia, if you travel a large company.

The capital of Skopje began its history from the time of the Roman Empire. Originally it was just a fortress, then a thriving city in the province of Dardania. Today it is a modernized capital with modern architecture, monuments and sculptures. The main attraction is the Millennium Cross on Mount Krstovar. Skopje is the motherland of Mother Teresa. Also, a large number of celebrations and events are held in the city, including May Opera evenings and the Jazz Festival.

Bitola is considered the cultural center of Macedonia. When you first visit the city, it seems that Bitola froze during the Middle Ages. Ancient Ohrid is famous for its large number of Orthodox churches and constructions of the VI century. Rent a car with a driver in Macedonia will suit you, if you want to independently travel to the surrounding area.

In addition to the epoch-making monuments of tourists in Macedonia, mineral springs, Ohridskoye, Doirani and Presla, the Vardar River and the Galichitsa National Park are also attracted. It is also worth visiting the pastoral village of Struga and the ski resort of Mavrovo.

The climate in the country is moderately continental. To go to the Balkan state follows from May to September, when the temperature is kept at +22 °C. Winter is characterized by quite mild weather conditions and indicators on the thermometer at -3 °C.

The cuisine of Macedonia is a mixture of gastronomic traditions of different peoples. Here you can try Turkish cuisine, for example, roast chopped meat; local dishes is beans in a frying pan "gravel" and Ohrid trout. A strong local drink is "Rakia" made from various fruits and herbs.

The reason for going to Macedonia are numerous festivals: old city songs, poetry, summer and many others. Each festival is tied to a specific date and city. Order a transfer in Macedonia on the site Let the rest be active and memorable.