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Madagascar is an island State on the coast of Africa. Paradise piece of land in the Indian Ocean with a unique microclimate and exotic fauna is famous for its luxurious resorts and inimitable ecotourism. Enumeration of the dignity of the island-reserve can last for long, it is better to visit it personally.

The cultural program should begin with the capital Antananarivo, which is located between the "twelve sacred hills". The visiting card of the city is the palace ensemble "Rova Manjakamiadana", where the royal family used to live. It is worth visiting museums of archeology and art, astronomical observatory, "flea market" and open-air bazaar "Zuma". Here you can buy inexpensive gems and natural oils of scented plants: cocoa, ylang-ylang, vanilla and many others. In the Tsimanampetsotsa National Park, where families with children usually send their leisure time, you can see rare representatives of the animal kingdom of Madagascar. If your plane arrives at the international airport Antananarivo Ivata, then book a transfer to Mauritius in advance. So you get a few offers from the carrier and choose the most profitable.

It is interesting to go to the "lemur village" Andasibe. These animals are revered here and are considered to be sacred. According to the legend, the lemur indri rescued the young man Kut who tried to get some honey. Beast-kitten Kuta fell from the tree when the lemur caught him. The local population believes that they originated from indri.

Numerous national parks on the island also attract tourists. The popular one is Tsingy de Bemaraha. This is the largest protected area in the western part of the island. Gorges, Manambulu River, grottoes and canyons, savannas and green massifs of karst rocks. Eco-tourism is developed here: river rafting, camping, mountain climbing and many other amusements for nature lovers. The Isalo reserve is and Ranomafana National Park in the central part of the state are also popular to visit with guides. If you do not want to go there by public transport, use the services of transportation of passengers in Madagascar.

Beach vacation in Madagascar is an integral part of the trip. The coastline is 4800 km. There are enough wild and prepared beaches for tourists on the island. The most famous resorts are Nosy Be, Antsirabe, Ambisitra, Maroantseera. On the island you can stay in luxury hotels and in very budget hostels, so find an accommodation for your taste and budget. From active leisure activities the guests of Madagascar can choose surfing, diving, snorkeling, kiting, fishing and rock climbing. Clear waters of the Indian Ocean attract divers from all over the world. In general, athletes prefer the western part of the island for deep diving.

Equatorial monsoon climate allows tourists to enjoy their rest on the ocean shore all year round. On the coast, the temperature stably keeps at + 25°C, in the north-west it is + 33 ° C. There is no season of rains and no weather shocks. Only in the mountainous part of Madagascar there can be frost and temperature swings.

An obligatory part of traveling in Madagascar is gastronomic trips to restaurants and cafes. The basis of all dishes is rice, vegetables, seafood and meat. It is worth trying a beef stew with tomatoes and spices, goose liver and local tropical fruits.

Madagascar is a paradise vacation on the shores of the Indian Ocean. In addition to leisurely activities on the beaches, a rich excursion program, hiking tours along unknown trails and a real exotic of the African island have been prepared for a tourist.

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