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Traveling to Mauritius will be much more comfortable if you think through all the details in advance. For example, book a hotel and transfer. On arrival, you will not have to look for a taxi and drive in search of the desired hotel. The transfer driver in Mauritius will meet you in the arrival area with a sign and quickly take you to the specified destination. If you want to visit all the sights of Mauritius, use the car rental service with driver on the online service

The fabulous island of Mauritius in the South of the Indian ocean attracts tourists with its luxury resorts, developed infrastructure and Paradise vacation on white sandy beaches. The main advantage of Mauritius is its pristine nature, volcanoes and coral reefs. Luxury hotels with spa programs, gyms, restaurants and other popular entertainment are in the background. Mix of cultures and religions, that coexist in harmony with each other, creates a special atmosphere on the island.

Having choosen a city to spend your vacation in the Republic, visit the capital of Port Louis. At you can book a transfer to Mauritius from the airport to any city. Port Louis is located on the ocean with numerous bays and moorings. It is a sunny city on the shore of the ocean with numerous bays and marinas. Here you can go to the sea on a yacht or fishing with local experts. Wherever you rent a room, you will have a beautiful view of the expanses of water or the mountains of Moka from any window. There are also several attractions worth a visit like the Jumma mosque, the field of Mars and fortress, the Fort Adelaide, the Cathedral of St. James. Guests can enjoy various activities in the surroundings, including golfing and horse riding.

The city of Maeburg, which is worth paying attention to, is the economic center of the state. In the era of French colonization, there was a slave market, and nowadays every week on Mondays there is a Bazaar where you can buy Souvenirs and gastronomy. There are no beaches in Maeburg.

The coastline on the island is sandy and clean. Tourists prefer the beaches of FLIC-EN-FLAC, located near the reserve of Casela bird Park. Bel-Mar is a favorite place for divers. Colorful lagoons allow you to dive deep with instructors. The most vivid parties are organized at the Pereybere beach. Tamarin Bay is a pristine spot with great waves for surfers.

The tropical climate promotes a rest on the coast in any season. Winter in Mauritius lasts from May to October (+21°C), summer – from November to April (+28°C). Swimming in the ocean is possible all year round, as the average water temperature is + 22°C.

After going on vacation to Mauritius, do not forget to try the local cuisine. The island's culinary traditions consist of English, Indian and French recipes. The main products are rice and curry. It is worth trying pies with vegetables and meat "samusa", salad of the core of palm trees. For a drink the natives prefer coconut milk, cooling cocktails and fresh juices. For strong drinks of local production rum “Green Island” is preferred.

In Mauritius, tourists go for a quality rest. To safely and comfortably move around the island, pre-ordering services for the carriage of passengers in Mauritius at a convenient service