Transfer in Morocco

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Rent a car in Morocco is the most comfortable way to travel in the Eastern country. In the summer months, the temperature reaches +35°C, so between the cities and for sightseeing it is most convenient to travel by car with air conditioning. At you can order a car of any class for daily and daily. Travel with advantages together with!

Morocco is an eastern country in North Africa, which is famous among travelers for the enchanting landscapes of the mountains, the mysterious Sahara Desert, picturesque cities and the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Arab, African and European cultures are mixed in the country. This unique combination was reflected in the rich excursion program to resort towns with developed infrastructure. There are sandy beaches, many luxury spa centers and hotels of different price categories, as well as ancient architectural monuments and eastern markets in Morocco.

Rabat is the capital the Moroccans are proud of. In addition to the modern center, once built by the colonialists, there is Medina in the city, which is of greatest interest to travelers. In markets you can buy souvenirs: silk, argan oil, ornaments and national sweets. It is interesting to visit the fortress of Kasbah Udal of the 12th century, see the residence of the royal family. The mausoleum of the Moroccan king of the 20th century is guarded by the royal guardsmen. Necropolis of Schellah will be interesting for those tourists who want to immerse themselves in the history of the ancient state of Morocco and see firsthand the buildings of the 12th century.

Travelers are also recommended to visit the following imperial cities: Fez with medieval streets and buildings, Meknes with noble minarets and palaces, and noisy Marrakesh with lush bazaars, street vendors and magicians. In Marrakech there are lots of significant attractions (Jamaâ El Fna Square, Majorelle Garden, Al-Qutubia and Bahia palaces) as well as numerous entertaining places. Nightlife is also concentrated in Agadir and Casablanca. By the way, the Moroccans are quite friendly and hospitable. You shouldn’t be afraid to return alone at night after a rest in a club or a bar.

When visiting Morocco, every traveler shouldn’t "pass by" Casablanca, especially if he arrives at a local airport named after Mohammed V. To get to the city, you can use the services for the carriage of passengers in Morocco. Among "must visit" places are Medina, like in other cities, the palace of Mahakma do Pasha, the Doha Corniche and to take photos of the ancient white-stone houses. By the way, Casablanca in Spanish means "city of white stone houses". There is everything for a comfortable stay in the city like a sandy beach, Agadir with a 6-kilometer coastline and luxury hotels or Oualidia lurking in the lagoon. Essaouira will be of interest to surfers since there is enough wind and waves in the resort, and beach holidays in El Jadida can be combined with visiting the local architecture. For lovers of solitary holidays, it is recommended to go to the beach of Lezghir, located 100 kilometers from Agadir. Rent a car with driver in Morocco will allow you to travel without obstacles and not be tied to the schedule of public transport.

The climate on the coast is subtropical, in summer the temperature reaches + 35 °C, in winter it is + 20 °C. The temperature in the mountains in the cold season is -15 ° C, and in the hot season does not rise above + 15 °C.

To feel the atmosphere of the eastern country better, one should try traditional cuisine. The most popular dish is Tazhin. It is made from meat, vegetables, nuts and spices. Local pastilles are not oriental sweets, but pastry with seafood. The meal is usually ends with green tea with mint and mahangs cookies.

Book a transfer to Morocco, even if you are traveling alone. Morocco will be remembered by travelers not only for luxury rest in hotels, excellent beaches and spa resorts, but also eastern cities with bazaars, Medina, ancient architecture and a trip to the Sahara Desert with Berbers.