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Plan your trip: buy tickets and book the hotel you need at least a week. Pre-book a transfer in Norway. In order to get the best offer from carriers, leave the application on the site in advance. The transfer has many advantages over public transport and taxis. Most important: it's time and money. Traveling in Norway is profitable!

Norway is a country with a harsh climate and northern exotic: the polar nights are replaced by white, and sometimes the sky shines with the radiance of Aurora Borealis. According to legend, the ancestors of the Norwegians were Scandinavian Viking tribes, distinguished by their quick temper, strong health and spirit. Today's population of the Scandinavian peninsula has retained the best features of its predecessors, eliminating wild customs. The population of Oslo and other cities with open arms accept tourists. In each village you can stop in luxury hotels or cozy family hotels is a choice for every taste and purse. Use the services of transporting passengers to visit the capital of Norway and its environs.

Regardless of where you shoot the room, it's extremely necessary to visit the main city is Oslo. The capital combines the features of a modern metropolis with fashionable neighborhoods and shopping centers and a province with untouched nature. After immersing in the peaceful and unhurried rhythm of the life of the local population, walking up the central street of Karl Johans gate, looking in the park of sculptures Vigelandsparken and the museum of G. Ibsen, be sure to go to the Bugdøy peninsula, where the best museums dedicated to the history and culture of Scandinavian peoples in different time periods. In order for your travel to be comfortable, book a transfer in Norway on the site

Satisfied with sightseeing, to change the situation tourists go to other big cities is Bergen, Stavanger, Troidham, Flom, and to the fjords: the Lysefjord with the famous rock stone among the rocks, the real bay for the Vikings Geirigenfjord and Sturfjord. By the way, the local population pays a lot of time for sports and an active lifestyle. From an early age, parents teach their children to ski, skate and other winter sports.

The climate of Norway, unlike Siberia and Alaska, located at the same latitude, is milder: sometimes even in the northern zones the temperature reaches + 25 ° С. In January, depending on the zone, the temperature varies from -17 ° C to + 2 ° C, in July from +6 ° C to +15 ° C. The weather in the country is changeable: a thick fog can dissipate sharply under the sun, followed immediately by rain. The locals joke that if you don't like the weather, you need to wait a bit and it will change.

Culturally enriched and enjoying a lot of visiting historical sites, plan a gastronomic excursion to local institutions. Just note, the head on the table, as in any kitchen of coastal countries, will be fish. Developed fisheries have been feeding the most unusual seafood products for a century: the sourcild, the river and many others. Great demand for dishes with Norwegian salmon, which is served in various forms of cooking: dried, smoked, fried and cooked in other ways. In addition to fish and meat dishes, vegetable garnishes, Norwegians prefer milk products. The most famous brown cheese is "brunost" with caramel flavor is an indispensable attribute of the Norwegian breakfast.

Traveling to a country with an unstable climate, but a warm welcome is recommended from December to March or from May to September. In winter, you can enjoy ideal for skiing trails in Hemsedal, Geilo, Hafjell and many other tourist destinations, and in summer do not take a lot of warm clothes and lightly inspect local memorial sites. Renting a car with a driver in Norway is an excellent option to save time and see the most interesting sights.