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You need to consider any vacation a week before leaving: to book tickets, hotel and, of course, transfer. If you order a car, you can save time and money in travel. Arriving in a new country you do not need to find an expensive taxi or station of public transport. The driver will meet you at the airport in arrivals and help you with luggage. You will get to the hotel without traffic. Choose a journey with

Once Portugal was a rich Empire with many colonies, but today it is a small country on the Iberian Peninsula, famous for its Paradise resorts, pristine nature and unique architecture.

In the capital Lisbon there are many Rococo, Baroque and Gothic styled strongholds, castles and churches. But the most remarkable and exemplary architecture is ornate and decorated by glazed tiles. Tired of city routine tourists flock to the Lisbon Riviera. For such trips is always relevant to rent a car with a driver in Portugal.

The second most visited city is the Porto, which historical center is protected by UNESCO. It’s worth to visit every temple and Church of this ancient city. By the way, the Portuguese are very religious people. 50 kilometers from Port is located in Braga, where the residence of the Catholic Archbishop.

But there is not so boring and formal everything. A lot of clubs, yacht cruises, surfing and camping in the unspoilt corners of Portugal are provides for the most active and youth people.

There is the atmosphere of a quiet European province in Portugal. There are no endless tour groups that come to visit all the museums and beautiful views of the pompous country.

The local flora has striking combination in its beauty and exoticism, the rocky mountains, dotted with tropical trees, and the coastline stretches for 563 km. The climate is subtropical, which makes comfortable travelling to resorts, even in the hottest months. Equipped with all necessary infrastructure magnificent beaches is famous for its white sand and clear waters. There are a lot of places on the coast where you can be the one guest. Popular tourist destinations are in the Algarve, where up to 150 km spread coastline in the South. Those people who prefer peaceful pastime to noisy entertainment, going to a small Western beaches of Albufeira and Carvoeiro. To get here from any airport or city, you can pre-book a transfer to Portugal on our service.

You will get an unforgettable experience, if you go to the Cape of the Rock. It calls also "edge of the earth". When you are climbing up the serpentine on a rocky cliff, endless sea expanse is opening for your eyes. The guides have a lot of legends and real stories about the most picturesque location in Portugal. At you can leave a request for services for the carriage of passengers in Portugal.

In addition to enjoying the sea air and chocolate tan from the Portuguese sun, you can go for sightseeing of historical monuments and best shopping in a country with a unique culture. By the way, the culture and customs of Portugal was formed over 15 centuries. The population are preserving the traditions and values of historic monuments. The Portuguese neighbors are calm, some composure and deliberation in everyday life. Portugal has a siesta time from 12 to 15 hours, so you will not be surprised if in the middle of the day all the shops and restaurants will be closed until the end of the hour of silence. Local authorities organize large-scale festivals in every season: bullfighting, carnivals and festivals – a truly spectacular event.

Of course, the reason for the trip to Portugal is gastronomy also. The exquisite dishes will surprise you with unusual seafood and will satisfy any gourmet. The hallmark of the Northern part of the country became strong port wine and aromatic wine. It is worth to try dried salted cod – bacalhau. The recipe came from the past from sailors: when there were no refrigerators and the fish had to store, they were store fish in salt, and then dry.

The tradition to add everywhere hot pepper "Piri-Piri" came from Africa, and there is high demand of Italian delicacies in the South. Meat dishes are also priority especially burgers and schnitzels from pork and beef, chicken "Piri-Piri" and the national soup "Caldo Verde" with merguez.

Popular desserts are the products of monastic bakeries with unusual names: "air cake", "cookies nuns", "treat grandson." They are all liberally spiced with cinnamon and generously filled with fillings from local fruits and nuts. Known in Lisbon tarts with custard "Pastel de belém" are prepared according to a secret recipe in the legendary pastry shop Pastéis de Belém. In schools, there are many analogues of dessert, so you need to go in a candy store, founded in the 19th century.

To travel to Portugal for health purposes and for beach holidays is recommended from June to September and all year round for sightseeing and shopping.