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Transfer to Romania is a popular service for travelers. You shouldn’t look for a taxi or other ways to get to the hotel. In advance the driver will wait in the arrivals area. If you travel with big and friendly company and want travel together, service will provide rental bus with driver, designed for a specified in advance number of people. If necessary completed after you leave, carriers will also take you to the airport. You can book your transfer in Romania for a comfortable stay.

Romania is a beautiful area in Europe, famous for its medieval atmosphere and mysterious way of count Dracula, which is connected with a good half of the attractions not only of Transylvania and of the entire country. However, tourist places are associated not only with Vlad Tepes, also called known as Nosferatu. One of the many reasons to visit Romania are the white sandy beaches of the black sea coast, Carpathian mountains, ski resorts and the popular balneological sanatorium Techirghiol, Covasna, Sovata and other cities. There are about 160 mineral springs throughout the country. To move between cities and resorts is much more convenient, using the services of transportation of passengers in Romania from

Tourists are attracted by big cities, concealing transmitted legends and history. In Bucharest, in the historical capital of the country, interest thing is the historic district of Lipscani, where once the residence of Dracula is, Curtea Veche. Residents proud of the world's largest Palace of the Parliament, pompous halls which are open for visits by anyone. But the most popular region of the country is mysterious Transylvania, where the famous Nosferatu castle, medieval churches, remains of ancient fortresses. For a beach vacation, the tourist flow goes to Dobroide, which located on the black sea coast. There is also the UNESCO-listed Danube Delta national Park. Rent a car with a driver in Romania will allow you to see as many tourist spots.

The climate of the country depending on the territory is divided into temperate, continental and marine. In the Carpathians every year rainfall, and the thermometer kept steadily from 0°C to -8 °C, so athletes and fans of active recreation go to ski resorts from December to March. Coast in the season will meet guests and sometimes hot weather from May to September, when the temperature rises to +33 °C.

As in any other country, Romania has must-try traditional dishes. Romanians prefer hot food: all sorts of soups, vegetables, meat and less fish. Popular dishes are the meatball soup and chicken cream-soup. We recommend you to try the meat pies and cabbage rolls with pork, which is not similar in taste with any other cuisine in the world. Hearty meals are served with wine and cream tincture tuica and other beverages which produced in the territory of the country.

The combination of program services, health resorts and cheap holidays in Romania, there are 3 main reasons why you should definitely visit in the country, once home to count Dracula.