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Renting a car with a driver in Spain is a great way to travel around the country. So you can learn more about the sights, and the carrier will tell you the most interesting stories and legends about the chosen tourist destination. Rent a car in Spain you can for 1 hour, a day or more - it all depends on your wishes. For large groups of people you can order a minivan or a bus.

When you say "Spain", in the head immediately under the castanet fraction there are associations: passionate flamenco and hot bullfight, fragrant paella and pina colada, conquistadors and Carmen. Adjacent to Spain, the Canarian archipelago is a visiting card of the country and a popular beach resort, washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition to the beaches of never sleeping Ibiza, picturesque Tenerife and the chic Costa Brava, tourists go to the mountains for active leisure. There are more than 10 resorts, which differ in length and type of trails. But still go for a ride in the Spanish parks on skis often come professionals.

Spain is the third largest wine producer in the world, and Galicia, known for its fruit, supplies sweet fruits to almost the whole of Europe. In Spain they go, first of all, to relax in the Canary Islands, and already on the second place tourists have local sights and familiarity with the culture.

The largest cities are the capital of Madrid and Barcelona. If the first go to enjoy painting and sculpture in the heart of the Arts. Queen Sofia or the Museum of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts San Fernando, and many others, then to Barcelona - to see the unique creations of Antoni Gaudi. The architect for all his life created about 20 real works of art, 10 of which are concentrated in the name in it. If you want to visit not only the big cities, but also the charming provinces, book a transfer in Spain.

Going to the country hot not only at + 40 ° C in the high season, but also mores, you need to learn a bit about the indigenous people. Spain is divided into 3 regions, which are inhabited by several nationalities, differing in culture and dialects. Regardless of origin, the Spaniards are very emotional and like to talk while gesticulating, but at the same time they are hospitable and friendly.

Each region is famous for its dishes and brings to the Spanish gastronomic culture something of its own. For example, Galicia serves sea delicacies, and classic dishes always contain meat. In Spain, thanks to fertile plantations, a lot of fruits and vegetables. In any institution you will be offered sweet sangria and pina colada, and for dessert order churros with real hot chocolate. Book a transfer in Spain on the site and study the country in a comfortable environment. The service provides high-quality services for the transportation of passengers.