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Travel fans are prepared in advance in advance: they make a route, book tickets and a hotel room, look for available ways of traveling around the country and choose the most profitable ones from them. For example, on the convenient booking service you can choose from a number of offers of carriers the best-priced transfer in Switzerland. The cost at the time of booking will be fixed, and the transfer ordered one week before arrival will wait for you minute in minute at the appointed place.

Switzerland is an expensive and luxurious country: on the one hand, natural beauty and a rich excursion program, and on the other is the level of recreation and high price tag. In Switzerland, everyone will find something to their liking: someone goes here on financial issues (as is known, Swiss banks are the most reliable), others go to spa resorts, go skiing, and still others do not spare money and prefer a five-star vacation. For tourists, a service such as car rental with a driver in Switzerland is available.

The country consists of 26 cantons: 23 full and 3 half cantons. Each of the territorial centers has its own moral principles and foundations. By the way, they speak in Switzerland in 4 languages: German, French, English and Romansh.

The capital of Bern, which is a medieval city, was filled with historical and cultural monuments, preserved both in museums and in the medieval architecture of the historic center of Bern. Don't go past the Cathedral with the highest bell tower, the Clock Tower "Tsitglogge" and don't forget to take a picture against the background of the masterpiece fountains of Samson and Moses. If you want to see as many interesting attractions as possible, use the services of passenger transportation in Switzerland.

In Geneva, the visiting card is a 140-meter fountain, as well as the local Riviera on the shores of Lake Geneva. Zurich is interesting examples of Gothic architecture, the churches of Fraumünster and Grüssmünster, and in Montreux all travelers primarily visit the enigmatic Chillon Castle. Thus, in any canton you can visit the ancient castles, monuments and resorts: in Switzerland, mountain tourism is widespread. It is worth noting that ski resorts are known for their prohibitive prices, as well as great advantages, unlike other European winter types of pastime. For example, in Zermatt there is a famous "falling" route. From a height of 2,627 meters, only professionals and the boldest tourists go on a ski trip. And in St. Moritz there are as many as 60 lifts, from which a picturesque view of the Alps and 350 km of comfortable trails opens. Switzerland has no access to the sea, because the local beaches are located on the banks of the Geneva, Lucerne, Zurich lakes.

The climate in the alpine country is moderately continental, and in the mountainous and central parts it is Alpine, which is influenced by the Atlantic. Here there is no heat, frost or high humidity. In the southern part, there are quite pleasant weather conditions due to the predominance of the Mediterranean climate.

Despite the high cost of all services and benefits of Switzerland, we will no doubt say that they are worth it. High service and rest at the level of 5 * is guaranteed in any canton. Book a transfer in Switzerland and enjoy the trip.