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If you really like to travel, then, for sure, prefer with comfort. Book a transfer in Thailand from the airport to the hotel. So that you will not get lost and feel confident in another country, the driver will meet you in the airport arrival area, help with luggage and take them to any destination without delay. For those traveling to Thailand on business or on a business trip, can provide premium and business class cars. Use the services of transporting passengers in Thailand, if you travel a large company.

Thailand is a tourist attraction, where the real king rules, and every man in the country has to become a monk regardless of age. A little southern exotics, paradise resorts and endless beaches is voila, and before you "land of the Thais". Tourists, who have already visited the country, have become accustomed to coming back here every year: the "price-quality" ratio pleases wallets and warms the soul to everyone. Renting a car with a driver in Thailand is a great way to get acquainted with the local culture and customs of this country.

Thailand is a country where everyone finds a rest for their soul: meditation at dawn and all kinds of spas, surfing and diving, rock climbing and a rich excursion program for temples and other memorable places.

Nightlife is concentrated in the capital city of Bangkok. Numerous clubs that begin to work only after sunset are replaced in the day by local attractions: the ensemble of the Royal Palace, the oceanarium, the Lak-Muang ritual swings, as well as art and technology museums, theaters and temples. Visit the artificial island of Rattanakosin. Here is the historical part of Bangkok.

If you are an adherent of non-cultural recreation, but for the soul, go immediately to Pattaya or Phuket, Thailand's most popular resorts. In the afternoon it's water activities, walks on a clean white sand beach, swimming in the azure waters and getting a luxurious tan from the Thai sun. At night is it's endless dances in the open air, hiking to the bar and the sea of ​​other pleasures of a hot country.

Since the rest of the country, for the most part, beach, then the climate is appropriate is also tropical. The year round is warm, even hot, except for the period from August to September in the north of the country. The temperature at this time is + 13-20 ° C. The most comfortable time for rest is from the end of November to February.

Thai cuisine is what the indigenous people are proud of. Not everyone, alas, will taste delicacies and sea delights. The main dish is rice, not any kind, but a jasmine from Isana. Several dishes are served to it. Especially popular is curry and fish sauce. Noodles on traditional recipes are in demand in the country. Is in Thailand is accepted by hands. Well, if you intend to eat sweet, then you will like fruit: banana, papaya, mango, jackfruit and many others.

Book a transfer in Thailand on the site Coral reefs, Thai cuisine, Buddhist temples, a wide variety of entertainment and beach holidays are the main reasons to visit this country.