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Move between cities and places of interest in the US with comfort. Need a car rental with a driver in the US? To do this, simply register on the site and create an order. You set the price and time of the trip yourself, and also choose the carriers themselves. For a large group of people in the park you can find the type of transport suitable for you: minivan, bus and even a limousine.

The United States is a country where everyone is eager to realize the American dream, to tighten the English language and, of course, to see the whole range of entertainment in person. By the way, there are a lot of opportunities to relax and get pleasure from traveling to the USA. Book your transfer to the US at and visit all 50 states.

In the USA it is in 6 time zones, therefore the climate can differ: from continental to subtropical. The weather will surprise with heat and + 30 ° C in Hawaii, and in Alaska severe weather conditions.

The country consists of 50 regions, each of which has its own peculiarity. For example, the state of Hawaii includes an archipelago of paradise islands with impeccable beach rest. Surfing, snorkeling and other water activities are available here for every tourist. In Colorado, where the most expensive ski resort of Aspen is located, not only professionals of skiing and snowboarding go, but jaded and thrill-seeking lovers of an active lifestyle.

The most popular city is, of course, New York. Infinite skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, the Empire State Building and many other "talking" names you've probably heard. But in the conservative capital of Washington you will not find multi-storey buildings. The traditional and slightly pompous style of the White House, the Capitol, as well as the monuments of Jefferson, Lincoln and Washington's memorial maintain the patriotic spirit of Americans.

Natural attractions attract tourists as well. The Grand Canyon National Park receives several thousand tourists every day. An impressive landscape tries to capture in the picture every traveler. Special attention is also required to Victoria Falls, surprising with its beauty and power. Water falls from a height of 50 meters, and the width of the discharge of water reaches 800 meters. Nearby, by the way, is the Botanical Garden of Niagara, where you can also have a fun time. Take advantage of services to transport passengers to the US and enjoy the journey.

Places where to have a bite, in the States abound. Small cafes, as well as vans with hot dogs start working early in the morning, some even around the clock. In large cities you can find a restaurant with European, Pan-Asian, Mexican and other cuisine to your taste. By the way, Chinese dishes are very popular: fish, noodles, rice and many other traditional Asian dishes. Undoubtedly, the visiting card of the states will be a barbecue, which is prepared in every house, in particular, on weekends. How not in America you can feel free: here everyone supports the choice. Therefore, vegetarian institutions are in great demand. Refused meat in the country a lot. By the way, it's from America that the tradition came to drink cocoa with marshmallow, which also likes to fry at the stake.

Book a transfer to the US at If you have found for yourself at least one reason to visit the United States, immediately plan a trip. Such a holiday will leave a lot of new impressions and a storm of emotions for a long time.